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What Is the Most Popular Flower Used in Weddings?


Whenever it gets down to marriage flowers, it can be daunting (to put it politely) because it’s time to reveal to your wedding planner what you really want. Besides the multitude of designs and color palettes, trying to find out what kind of flowers you want—especially if you’re not a “flower enthusiast”—can be challenging. Once you’ve settled on one sort of flower that you wish to, say a rose, you will be surprised to know that there are more than a hundred types of flowers. If you are looking for a guide to popular wedding flowers, then this is the right spot.

Popular Flower Used in Weddings

Following are the most popular flower used in weddings:


This is a no question—we all understand what a rose is!  However, what you would not realize is that there are other kinds of roses.   The more prominent, softer, and more multi-petalled varieties are great face flowers (interpretation, bouquet, or centerpiece showpieces) for when you wouldn’t want to utilize a peony, as well as the smaller ones—like sprayed roses—add an elegant touch to floral arrangements and centerpieces.


By far, it is the most attractive of all marriage flowers. Everybody loves them, everybody wants them, but unfortunately, they’re still one of the costliest floral arrangements. And if you do have to get them and don’t even have a huge budget, you could only add the bouquet peonies.


Normally black and white, these vibrant flowers are suitable for a stylish bride. The uniqueness of anemones is that they really are qualified to work independently in a multi arrangement or blended in with the various flowers.   But look out! These lovelies seem to be on the most elegant side, so if you ever get wedded in the sun, ensure your wedding planner picks the stems.


One of the cutest fragrant blooms, the lilacs are draped and delicate and can serve perfectly on their own in a plain bouquet. Coming in the tones of violet & white, lilacs are indeed very fragile, so you need to be very cautious to avoid wilting. Once it begins, it’s not going to be resurrected.


Sweet Pea

There’s really nothing delicious regarding sweet peas. Everything, including the fragrance to their delicate stems and almost transparent petals, is really-so-sweet. They also come in varied shades, which in a way contributes to their earthly look and fluffiness. We like the concept of a plain, tiny bouquet of sweet peas kept together with a delicate ribbon of silk.


Like some of the different flowers we’ve discussed, tulips are a lot more than just the standard variety you’re currently drawing in your imagination. There really are fringed tulips (which look exactly as they sound), dual tulips (with double petals as a typical tulip.  And furthermore, they’re not budget breakers; that’s always a plus.